Did Nema Get A Nose Job?

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Recently, there has been speculation and rumors circulating in the media and among fans that Nema Vand, star of Bravo’s hit reality TV show “Shahs of Sunset,” has undergone a nose job. Many viewers have noticed a change in Nema’s appearance and have been quick to attribute it to plastic surgery.

The Evidence

One of the main pieces of evidence that has fueled the rumors of Nema’s nose job is a comparison of before and after photos of the reality star. Some fans have pointed out that Nema’s nose appears to be slimmer and more refined in recent photos, leading them to believe that he has had work done on his nose.

Nema’s Response

Despite the speculation, Nema has not confirmed nor denied the rumors of a nose job. In a recent interview, he stated that he is open to cosmetic procedures and has no issue with people getting work done to enhance their appearance. However, he did not directly address the rumors about his own nose.

Final Verdict

Until Nema confirms or denies the rumors of a nose job, it is impossible to say for certain whether he has undergone plastic surgery. While fans may continue to speculate, it is ultimately up to Nema to share the truth about any cosmetic procedures he may have had.