When Did Patrick Dempsey Get A Nose Job?

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Patrick Dempsey, best known for his role as Dr. Derek Shepherd on the hit TV show Grey’s Anatomy, has long been rumored to have had a nose job. While Dempsey has never confirmed or denied these rumors, many fans and plastic surgery experts believe that he did indeed undergo rhinoplasty at some point in his career.

Speculation Surrounding Dempsey’s Nose Job

Rumors about Dempsey’s nose job first began circulating in the early 2000s, around the time he was gaining fame for his role on Grey’s Anatomy. Fans and tabloids alike noticed a change in Dempsey’s appearance, particularly in his nose, leading to speculation that he had undergone plastic surgery.

Before and After Photos

Before and after photos of Dempsey further fueled the speculation surrounding his nose job. Many fans pointed out differences in the shape and size of Dempsey’s nose, suggesting that these changes were the result of cosmetic surgery.

Expert Opinion

Plastic surgery experts have also weighed in on the rumors surrounding Dempsey’s nose job. Some experts believe that Dempsey likely did undergo rhinoplasty, based on the noticeable changes in his nose over the years.


While Patrick Dempsey has never publicly addressed the rumors of his nose job, the evidence seems to suggest that he did indeed undergo plastic surgery at some point in his career. Whether or not Dempsey’s nose job was a success is ultimately up to personal opinion, but it is clear that his appearance has changed over the years.